2nd Microscopy Congress

  • 22.8.2016
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2nd Microscopy Congress 14th - 15th November 2016 in London, UK

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The conference will examine the latest developments in the technologies and techniques being used for progressing medical research in areas such as diagnostic microscopy, pathology, neuroscience, pathology and developmental biology.

We will attract over 150 attendees and will explore all areas of Microscopy for biological sciences, such as;

  • Latest developments in optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy
  • CLEM, Cryo-EM, labelling strategies, etc.
  • Microscopy applications in the life sciences
  • Image/data processing and analysis
  • A special section focused on super-resolution microscopy

This interactive conference program already features over 40 confirmed, leading expert speakers from the USA as well as Europe and the UK.


Confirmed speakers for the conference include:

  • Peter Friedl - Radbound Univ Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Andreas Engel - Delft Univ of Technology, Netherlands
  • Paula da Fonseca - MRC, Cambridge, UK
  • Martin Booth - Univ of Oxford, UK
  • Christoph Cremer - Univ of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Nadine Peyrieras - CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • Alberto Diaspro - Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
  • Christian Colliex - Univ Paris-Sud Orsay, France
  • Jean-Christophe Olivio-Marin – Institute Pasteur, France


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