3 practical courses organized by IMCF at BIOCEV

  • 5.3.2019
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BIOCEV, Vestec, Czech Republic

We would like to draw your attention to 3 practical courses organized by IMCF at BIOCEV, Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic, in 2019. At the moment we would like to highlight the first of them:

CARS, SHG, THG and STED - IR laser show for cells
April 24th - 25th, 2019, IMCF, BIOCEV, Vestec, Czech Republic

The course focuses on optical microscopy techniques allowing for example label-free imaging of lipid droplets, collagen fibers or blood vessels in living organisms (CARS, SHG and THG) or live cell super-resolution imaging (STED). The common denominator of these techniques is the use of IR-lasers to induce non-linear optical phenomena.

The course will consist of half a day of theoretical talks and three half days of hands-on sessions at the state-of-the art equipment at IMCF. One of the session will be also devoted to relevant image processing.

More about the course and registration

Note that the number of participants is limited to 12, so do not hesitate to secure a place!

other courses:

Single molecule microscopy and manipulation

Correlated light and electron microscopy (CLEM)

Looking forward to meeting you at some of those events!

The IMCF Team

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