52. symposium evropské Histochemické společnosti

  • 26.10.2009
  • Konference

se uskuteční v příštím roce na počátku září v Praze. Hlavním tématem symposia jsou "Advanced imaging techniques in biomedicine: from molecules to organisms". Bližší informace o této akci naleznete na webu:


Dear colleagues, on behalf of the executive committee of the Society for Histochemistry and local organizers, I would like to invite you to the 52nd Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry in Prague, 1 - 4 September, 2010. This international Symposium will focus on Advanced imaging techniques in biomedicine: from molecules to organisms. The main idea of the Symposium is to bring together a group of globally recognized experts in various imaging techniques closely linked to a frontier research in molecular and cell biology, molecular medicine and pathology. There will be eight specialized workshops: - High-resolution light microscopy methods - Imaging of molecules and events in living systems - Microscopy in diagnostics and clinical treatment and use of autofluorescence in imaging - Novel approaches to study histological samples - Advances in sample preparation and detection of targets in electron microscopy - Advanced TEM imaging techniques (EELS, tomography,...) in life sciences and medicine - Cryoelectron and correlative light-electron microscopy - High-throughput microscopy The scientiffic programme will include invited talks, oral presentation , posters, and instrumentation workshops attached to the comercial exhibition. We have already invited international experts from the relevant fields of interest who will share their knowledge and experience, and the response already has been very positive, so we expect to have scientifically a challenging meeting. Prague is magnificent destination and an architectural wonder that is now ranked as the 7th most visited city in Europe. The congress will be held in the 5-star hotel "Boscolo Hotel Carlo IV. Prague" located in the Prague centre that has a great conference hall with directly attached exhibition space. We look forward to meet you in Prague, Yours sincerely, Professor Pavel Hozák Symposium President & President of the Society for Histochemistry

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