Aktuální informace: Konference MIKROSKOPIE 2020 - Actual information: Conference "Microscopy 2020"

  • 8.10.2020
  • Aktuality

Dear registrated participants,
As announced previously, due to the pandemic measures, the conference Microscopy 2020 will be held online on November 05 - 06, 2020.
The lectures will take a place on ZOOM. Presentations will be shared during the lecture, and there will be discussion after the talk in real time. An access link and final time schedule will be send to you in advance for testing. Please contact us if you need to move your talk to a different time slot.

Best regards,
CSMS Board

Vazeni registrovani ucastnici, letosni rocnik konference Mikroskopie 2020 se uskutecni on-line formou, 5. - 6. 11. 2020.
Prednasky budou formou Zoom konference s moznosti diskuse v realnem case a sdilenim obrazovky s prezentaci. Pristupovy odkaz a aktualizovany casovy harmonogram vam bude zaslan pred konferenci.


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