Course - Advanced techniques in fluorescence microscopy

  • 11.8.2016
  • Kurzy

The Czechoslovak Microscopy Society and the Institute of Molecular Genetics AS CR cordially invite you to the course "Advanced techniques in fluorescence microscopy”, which takes place in Prague on 21 - 25 November 2016.

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The major aim of the course is to introduce the powerful tools of advanced fluorescence microscopy to potential users in cell and developmental biology. The course is designed to maximize a hands-on experience. During the course, each technique will be introduced theoretically, followed by an extensive practical part. After data acquisition, the results will be processed and/or analyzed to demonstrate the complete procedure starting from the image acquisition to data presentation and interpretation.

The course is intended as a practical hands-on exercise with 5 participants per a workgroup.

The course will be taught in English.

course webpage

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