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Taipei, Taiwan, March 20- 23, 2016, conference website

Incorporates the:
29th International Conference on 3D Image Processing in Microscopy
28th International Conference on Confocal Microscopy

is the continuation of a yearly conference series, started in 1988 presenting the latest innovations and newest trends in optical microscopy, and their application in biology, medicine, and the material sciences.

Key topics are:
- Theory and practice of confocal and multiphoton-excitation microscopy
- Super-resolution, nanoscopy imaging: from PSF engineering (4pi, SIM, STED), fluorescent activation/quenching, stochastic/centroid (PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SOFI and related techniques) to TIRF
- 3D and 4D live cell and tissue imaging
- Adaptive optics for microscopy
- Developments in phase/interference microscopies
- Light sheet microscopy
- Advanced fluorescence imaging/spectroscopy: FRET, FRAP, FLIM, FCS
- New fluorescence probes, proteins, quantum dots, single molecule imaging
- Clearing and expansion techniques.
- Coherent non-linear microscopies: SHG, THG, SFG, CARS.
- Developments in phase/interference microscopies
- Multi-dimensional fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy imaging
- Correlated light/electron microscopy
- Laser manipulation and tracking, photo-activation
- Bio- and nano-materials, biosensors
- OCT, endoscopy
- Fast acquisition, automated and high-content microscopy
- 3D image processing and visualization for multidimensional data

Special FOM2016 conference topic:  “Brain imaging”

Important dates/deadlines:
Deadline for the submission of abstracts     -- December 22, 2015
Acceptance contributions/program on the web     -- January 27, 2016
Deadline for early reduced fee registration      -- February 21, 2016
FOM2016     -- Taipei March 20 – March 23, 2016
Easter Sunday 2016     -- March 27, 2016
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For further details please visit the FOCUS ON MICROSCOPY website

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