MC2013 Regensburg

  • 3.4.2013
  • Konference

MC2013, který se uskuteční v konci srpna v německém Regensburgu, je letošní největší mikroskopickou konferencí v Evropě. Pozvánku na tento kongres naleznete po kliknutí na celý článek.

Podávání abstrakt prodlouženo do 15. dubna 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you for the Microscopy Conference MC 2013, which will be held in Regensburg, Germany, August 25-30, 2013.

This conference will be jointly organized by ten microscopical societies from 11 countries:

- German Society for Electron Microscopy (DGE)
- Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy (ASEM)
- Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy (SSOM)
- Croatian Microscopy Society (CMS)
- Czechoslovak Microscopy Society (CSMS)
- Hungarian Society for Microscopy (HSM)
- Slovene Society for Microscopy (SDM)
- Italian Society of Microscopical Sciences (SISM)
- Serbian Society for Microscopy (SSM)
- Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy (TEMD)


and with local colleagues from the University of Regensburg, and with generous support by the European Microscopical Society EMS.

The venue of the meeting will be the University of Regensburg, founded in 1962, which is located on a modern campus on the southern edge of a historic city dating back to the Middle Ages. We are expecting more than 900 participants in Regensburg.

As on previous conferences, MC 2013 will focus on Microscopy with imaging instruments, with the four major topics, Material Science, Instrumentation and Methods, Life Sciences, and  Multimodal and Interdisciplinary Microscopies, with about seven sessions each. In addition, the conference will host a major trade exhibition, which will bring together manufacturers of all different kinds of microscopies and microscopy techniques, as well as suppliers of accessories and consumables, preparation tools, image analysis systems, and important publishers in the field. The manufacturers are invited to present their latest equipment and developments and highlight new potential applications in technical lectures which will address a general audience. In the exhibition areas of the University of Regensburg, the commercial exhibition will form an integral part of the Conference and will contribute to the fact that MC 2013 will be a comprehensive source of information for anybody who is interested in microscopy for materials science and life science.

Furthermore we would like to announce the opening of the abstract submission for the MC 2013.The deadline for abstract submission was extended to April 15, 2013.

Please click here in order to download the latest flyer "Call for Abstracts" and here in order to submit an abstract.

For further information regarding the Conference, please visit our website

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would be very pleased if you would follow our invitation and attend the MC 2013 in Regensburg!

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Rachel

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