Round table discussion on Stereology and 3D Image Analysis in Microscopy

  • 26.8.2016
  • Aktuality

31 August 2016, Lyon Convention Centre, France


invitation (pdf)

Moderated by Lucie KUBÍNOVÁ (Inst. Physiol. CAS, Prague, CZ)

Wednesday afternoon, 31 August, 4:30 – 6:30 pm, open to all EMC participants

The importance of proper evaluation of 2D and 3D image data acquired by various types of microscopy will be addressed from the point of view of different fields of research. We would like to evoke lively discussion on "deeper thinking about what, why and how one is measuring". Anybody interested in measurements of microscopic structures is welcome.

Invited participants to the Round Table Discussion:

  • Eric PIRARD (geosciences & particle shape analysis; Univ. Liege, BE)
  • Karl-Anton DORPH-PETERSEN (biosciences & stereology; Aarhus Univ., DK)
  • Maxime MOREAUD (materials & mathematical morpholology; IFPEN, Solaize, F)
  • Alain HAZOTTE (metallurgy & image analysis; Univ. Lorraine, F)

The discussed topics will include:

  • closer blend of stereological methods and image analysis; less tedious measurement while keeping correct sampling;
  • stereology and 3D image analysis using image data acquired by various microscopic techniques;
  • size and shape of particles, texture descriptors in 3D;
  • fast image processing algorithms for analysis of large 2D/3D image data;
  • diffusion of image analysis in industry.

Contact: Lucie KUBINOVA -

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